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Championing British Destinations

Welcome to British Destinations, a national trade association which has been dedicated to representing, supporting and championing many of the UK’s best known visitor destinations for more than 90 years.

Our purpose is to work with our members and national partners to foster and provide the support that enables them to maintain, develop and grow the social and economic contributions made by tourism  and the visitor economy to local communities and to the UK as a whole.

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One thought on “About us

    Uta Hoehl said:
    September 11, 2021 at 7:31 am

    I am German and a group of us planned to travel to England mid of October. With the new regulations of the British government that Europeans ( not English, who have the same through the NHS) who received two different vaccines ( AstraZeneca/Pfizer) are not longer counting as fully vaccinated, this plans are in jeopardy. If Germany suddendly would move to the amber list, we would have to quarantine, which is not worth it. Does your body do anything to influence the British goverment regarding this issue and how likely is it that this will change soon?

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