Peer-to-peer accommodation in Wales: a preliminary review 2019

Global Tourism Solution (UK) Ltd have conducted a preliminary review of peer to peer accommodation among 12 of their client Unitary Authorities in Wales.  The pilot study covered an area containing 56% of the resident population and 89% of traditional tourism accommodation in Wales.  The study confirms the perception that the sharing accommodation provision has grown exponentially, that there is a significant shift from single room lets to whole properties and that traditional methods of collecting data on bed stock and occupancy are not capturing this sector with the likelihood of an increasing gap in the estimates of  local tourism volumes and values.  Work is ongoing to gain further understanding of the impacts of  peer to peer accommodation on tourism and the visitor economy, in order to fill any resulting gaps in the accuracy of current estimates.  The report will be of interest to all destinations  management interests regardless of location:

The full report is available from Cathy James, Director (Wales) of GTS (UK) Ltd, who will also be happy to answer any questions about the project.