The Future of the Staycation (2014)

At the end of 2013 VisitEngland carried out some qualitative research among “staycationers” – those who started to take more domestic holidays as a result of the economic downturn. The purpose of this was to find out what their attitudes and expectations were with regard to holidaying in England as the economy emerges from recession. Given the nature of the research and the audience the findings should have utility elsewhere in the UK.

What this shows is that many of the behavioural changes that we’ve seen in recent years, including a trend to more, shorter domestic breaks, have the potential to become longer term trends – but that there are some risks too, and a need to act to maintain the momentum as people’s finances improve.

The text based summary of the headline results can be accessed here: 2014 Staycation Summary Qualative Research Nov 2013

And the full report is accessible here: 2014 Staycation full Qualative Research report Nov 2013


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