World Economic Forum Travel & Tourism Competitive Report (2017):

The headline positions from this biennial report from the World Economic Forum are often quoted as an indicator of the UK’s travel and tourism’s international competitiveness.  UK retains 5th position overall behind Spain, France, Germany and Japan (up from 9th and pushing USA from 4th to 6th).  Other points of note are:

  • The UK’s Tourism Service Infrastructure has improved markedly from 37th to 7th due to major up-ratings of rental car companies and ATM availability.
  • The UK’s safety rating has slipped from 63rd to 78th
  • The UK’s international openness has slipped from 11th to 20th
  • The UK’s Price competitiveness remains the second from the bottom behind that of Switzerland
  • The UK still ranks at the bottom of the table for Airport charges and fuel  prices

The executive summary is at page 15 of 387:

2017 World Economic Forum Travel and Tourism Competitive Report