Update your free promotional website and Facebook pages now.

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Members can now update their your free page entry on www.britishdestinations.co.uk .

This involves logging in making any minor amendments to the factual page detail (edit main text), change pictures if you want (change photos), checking and updating your brochure request email is correct and/or activated (edit account) and updating your events list for the coming 2014 season (edit events).  Whatever appears on this simple but popular public and media facing website will also automatically appear on our increasingly popular Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/UKHolidays  and it’s all absolutely free to members.

If you can’t remember the log in detail and can’t auto recover it because you have forgotten who’s email address the accounts registered to, then we can always help.  Email (cath@britishdestinations.co.uk) or call Cath (0151 934 2286) who works Monday to Wednesday lunchtime, or if it’s a crisis I can also help.

A small number of destination members never got round to populating the very simple page templates and are therefore no longer represented on the website or Facebook pages.  If you are one of these and would now like to take part let Cath know and she will create a page for you to populate. It is a very simple process and there are plenty of excellent examples of the nature and style of the content already on the site if you are unsure of what’s needed.



Peter Hampson

Chief Executive

British Destinations

Direct Line:             0151934 2285

Administration:    0151934 2286  or 2290

Fax:                           0151934 2287

Mobile:                    07714341379



also at:






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