Airports Commission: Interim Report (2013)

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Released today the” Davies Report”: the Airport Commissions interim report.

“The Airports Commission was set up in 2012 to take a fresh and independent look at the UK’s future airport capacity needs. It has been tasked with producing:

● An Interim Report (this document) by the end of 2013, setting out the nature, scale, and timing of steps needed to maintain the UK’s status as an international hub for aviation, alongside recommendations for making better use of the UK’s existing runway capacity over the next five years; and,
● A final report by summer 2015, setting out recommendations on how to meet any need for additional airport capacity in the longer-term”.

Although the full 228 page report plus annexes is well worth reading at some point, for the majority scanning the executive summary page 8 to 17 should suffice for now, whilst if pressed for time the key background, options considered and future intent can be gleaned from pages 8 to 9 and  16 to 17 – paragraphs  1 to 7  and 40 to 47 .

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