Meetings with the Shadow Tourism Minister 24th and 26th February.

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British Destinations CEO Peter Hampson is meeting with Clive Efford MP, Shadow Minister for Tourism, at two meeting arranged by the Tourism Alliance, to be held next week.

The first on Monday 24th February, Chaired by Ken Robinson, focuses on sub National structures in England and the second on Wednesday 26th February, which Peter has been asked to Chair, focuses on coastal and coastal resort tourism.  A number of representatives from British Destinations coastal member’s group have  volunteered to represent issues at the coastal meeting; we could at a pinch accommodate one or two more, if we are contacted immediately.

Members of the British Destinations Executive (a cross-section from all destinations types, sizes and locations) have already had an opportunity to give their views on the English sub National structures issues and the coastal destinations members their views on key topics for the UK coastal meeting.  This note therefore represents a final trawl for any burning issues that anyone, and especially, those in membership might wish to see raised.  (email us now).

Representatives from non-member destinations are welcome to submits views, however, unlikely the views from our member destinations these may not necessarily be taken on-board!  For anyone in doubt about membership status the list of current member destinations is at:  Members

Please do share your thoughts and comments

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