Month: April 2014

Latest ONS analysis of Employment Contracts that do not guarantee a minimum number of hours published

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ONS analysis of employment contracts that do not guarantee a minimum number of hours has been published today (30 April). These type of contract which includes “zero-hour contracts” have been found to be more prevalent within certain industries, including tourism:


Boot Camp Training in Public Spaces

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Colleagues seek your views on boot camp style training sessions in public spaces.  Please contribute to the discussion now, even if that is only to indicate it isn’t an issue in your area:

Latest news and views from the National Boards plus other reports added

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We have added the latest news and views to the protected pages on our website that contain all the National tourist boards updates. New items include VB’s latest Foresights and Trends Updates, VE’s eNews and Destination Communications, Visit Wales  UK and Ireland marketing campaigns update, plus their Tourism Strategy 2013 – 2020, and the link to NITBs latest industry news.

We also added a copy of the VB November 2013 Foresights report on the topic of  “Regional spread of inbound tourism” to our research and statistics library, as it is a report of some considerable wider National significance:

Other, often slightly more historic reports, have also been added to the library over recent weeks and more new and older reports will continue to be added as an when we source them.  The full content listing of the research and statistics library can be viewed in reverse year of publication order at: The library is currently a unprotected resource.

British Destinations members may access lost protected page logins by emailing me here.  Non-members are asked to consider supporting our efforts to support the tourism industry by joining us now.

Making the most of free to use local weather forecasting

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A head of a planned VisitEngland meeting with representative of the BBC in May regarding tourism industry concerns about national weather forecasts, which I am attending, I thought I would share some thoughts about making the most of free to use local forecasting tools:

If you have any evidence of direct or indirect damaged caused to your local visitor economy by inaccurate/broad-brush or by flippant or off the cuff comment then please let me know.  Equally if you have views which are not adequately covered in my short summary or you have a different take on these issues involved then please let me know by email.

Destination Intelligence 2013/14 survey information now available to members

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The 2013/14 survey based on 2012/13 destination data has now been published on British Destination’s Destination Intelligence website.

Access is restricted to members only.  If you have lost or forgotten the separate login for the Destination Intelligence site it can be accessed within the protected page on our corporate website here . If you have also  lost the login for then email us now.

Two new documents added to the British Destination’s research and statistics library

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Initial commentary as at April 2014 from VisitEngland on the full year results for GB TS 2013 and a self-presentation workshop pack from VE covering the detail of their late 2013 Domestic Trends for the Next Decade report published in late 2013 are now available on the British Destination’s research and statistics library page:

Admin notes:

Following comments on an overly busy main menu the website’s presentation has be rationalised so that more information is now contained within each main page accessed  from each main menu tab and less from drop down sub menu’s.   A work in progress……..

Meanwhile if you follow a link we have sent you to a British Destinations webpage the information you are being directed to will invariably appear in the page text below the main menu box, which may all but fill a small monitor screen.  Scroll down for the information you need. The main menu allows you to search for other “stuff”, so ignore it unless you’re looking to accesses the wealth of other information contained in what is now rapidly becoming our corporate memory.

Short-term pollution prediction explorer added to UKBMF website

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The Environment Agency will make a daily prediction of expected water quality at sites in England and Wales where this is possible. These predictions are based on the factors that are known to have an effect on water quality, such as heavy rainfall causing increased runoff from agriculture, urban areas or sewage sources. Predictions will be made every day of the bathing water season and warnings issued when conditions that have been shown to affect water quality in the past re-occur.

The explorer can be accessed off the main menu or from the following page on the new UKBMF website:

Deadline to register for European Tourism Indicator System Pilot and to submit comment on EU tourism consultations extended:

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The original 15 March deadline to register interest in European Tourism Indicator System pilot has now been extended to 15 April, otherwise the detail and links remains the same as per our earlier notification which can be found at: