Two new documents added to the British Destination’s research and statistics library

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Initial commentary as at April 2014 from VisitEngland on the full year results for GB TS 2013 and a self-presentation workshop pack from VE covering the detail of their late 2013 Domestic Trends for the Next Decade report published in late 2013 are now available on the British Destination’s research and statistics library page:

Admin notes:

Following comments on an overly busy main menu the website’s presentation has be rationalised so that more information is now contained within each main page accessed  from each main menu tab and less from drop down sub menu’s.   A work in progress……..

Meanwhile if you follow a link we have sent you to a British Destinations webpage the information you are being directed to will invariably appear in the page text below the main menu box, which may all but fill a small monitor screen.  Scroll down for the information you need. The main menu allows you to search for other “stuff”, so ignore it unless you’re looking to accesses the wealth of other information contained in what is now rapidly becoming our corporate memory.

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