British Destinations Coach Monthly destination of the month feature

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After a short break  between March and August 2014 Coach Monthly are resuming the British Destinations’ Destination of the month feature.

This is an entirely free membership benefit which only requires you to submit a short piece following the template provided.  You submit this to us and we then forward the detail to Coach Monthly who select the order in which to use the piece.  Provided you follow the template all the features will get used, however, they will give priority to those that have not been featured recently but there is nothing to stop larger “destinations” submitting pieces on smaller destinations within the wider destination  area, i.e Scarborough/North Yorkshire = Scarborough, Whitby Filey Robin Hood’s Bay or Windsor = Windsor,  Maidenhead etc.  Thus far it has to be said that a relatively small number of proactive member destinations have hogged the limelight, but if you don’t submit copy we can’t publish it and if do we will!

Copy for the August edition onwards is required ASAP.  The updated instruction on latest template can be accessed on the members protected page at:

Please do share your thoughts and comments

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