Pre publication draft tourism report -Seaside towns in the age of austerity

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British Destinations members can now access for their own internal use a pre-publication draft of the new Sheffield Hallam University report on the seaside tourism industry in England and Wales.  It is made available to allow members and, especially for those with destinations  covered by the report, an opportunity read, digest and understand the information it contains before the report is publicly launched in late July.  The webpage that allows access to the report is protected using the standard member’s login.  If you have forgotten it please feel free to email me now. The webpage the following links take you to also contains a short brief and a number of caveats, please read these and accept them before accessing the report:

On the subject of logins please note that the login will be changing shortly to reflect changing membership and, increasingly, more of the information provided will be protected, both inside and outside the members’ area.  If you are in membership and you don’t have the login or have forgotten it then simply ask for it.  If you are not in membership then perhaps  yet another reason why you should consider joining?

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