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Following the hugely successful British Destinations annual conference sessions in June which majored on Business Improvement Districts and Tourism  we have now added a new section to the British Destinations’ corporate website specifically on the subject of Business Improvement Districts & Tourism.

In addition to giving a brief summary of the different types of BIDs, the principal aim of this section is to feature detail and share information on the newly emerging Destination BIDs (DBIDs).  DBIDs are significantly different to the Tourism or TBIDs that have been under development and discussion at the national level for a number of years.  One of the most important practical differences being that there are now approaching half a dozen DBIDs function in England, with more likely to follow shortly.  Meanwhile none of the larger cross administrative boundary, mainly City based proposal, have yet to reach the point of going to a local business vote, with many of the original runners from the 2010/11  “pilot” abandoned the proposals entirely as being unworkable in the light of  prevailing local circumstances.

The new section is a working draft; if members find it a useful point source of best practice on this new development, then it will be expanded to include more links, to more detail on existing and any new DBIDs as they become available to us.

The new page has its own tab in the main menu.  The direct link to the page is:

If you aware of any more “DBIDs” that are in place or are in the process of developing  a BID that has the characteristics of a wider destination based BID then please let us know the detail, so more information can be gathered and shared with other destinations.

Please do share your thoughts and comments

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