Copy for free Coach Monthly destination of the month feature still required

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In June I circulated a request for copy for the free British Destinations’ destination of the month feature in Coach Monthly.

Noting the less than subtle hints  about the opportunities to feature different destinations within a larger area destination, “Thanet” produced copy for both Broadstairs and Ramesgate; Margate having featured in very recent memory. St Alban also produced copy.  These three destinations will now appear in September, October and November’s editions respectively.

This still leaves the December’s edition onward open for all comers.  Before anyone gets over excited about the “Christmas edition”, please note that the features are a planning tool for Coach operators so December is essentially looking at the Destination from March/April onwards. Please also note we can only use copy that broadly conforms to the template, so please read brief before sending anything in (see below).

We suspect one reason for the lack of more copy may be that the page detailing the requirement was protected; needlessly so as it happens, since we will only accept copy from member destinations or, via them, from their major partner attractions.  We have now taken the protection off the page so anyone can see it without the” faff” of remembering or obtaining  a login; although can we remind everyone that the destination is the member and you are therefore all welcome to share the member protected area login with as many of the “team” as need it.

The very simple brief can now be accessed at:

Within reason copy will be used on a first come first served basis.  We are also happy to take copy at anytime, unprompted and add it to the waiting list.  Further trawls will take place every 6 months or so, or earlier if it appears we running out of suitable copy.

Please do share your thoughts and comments

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