Get ready for Destination Intelligence Survey 2014

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We will be starting the process of collecting data from individual members for the Destination Intelligence survey 2014 very soon. The planned deadline for your individual destination submissions is Friday 19 December 2014, so please plan and prepare accordingly.

Sergi Jarques will be contacting all those members who took part last year to give you more detail and providing the basic template with last year’s core data already included.  Anyone who didn’t take part in this free membership service in 2013 but wishes to in 2014, or would at least like discuss the merits of doing so should contact Sergi now .

Meanwhile please remember that all the Destination Intelligence data and reports collected and produced by DP UK and latterly British Destinations over the last 10 years are now available exclusively to British Destinations’ members on the destination intelligence website:

Please note the entire site is protected using a different login to  However, the link to the destination intelligence site, together with the site’s password can always be found on a protected page on at:  using the normal  protected page login .  If you have forgotten or never had the British login, then simply email me now.

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