Deputy Prime Minister announces £10m RGF funding for tourism in north England

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A lot of detail still needed to access the merits of today’s announcement regarding £10m of additional Regional Growth Funding for tourism in northern England, for example precisely where “north England” begins.  The statement suggests this is principally aimed at international tourism and that the funding is for 2015/16 but this isn’t certain. What is certain is that the programme/strategy is to be managed by VE and the £10m is to be match funded.  Whatever the detail an extra £10m or c 20% more than VE’s own annual grant in aid budget has to be welcomed, as does the Deputy Prime Ministers personal recognition of the importance of tourism. The initial press release states:

The north boasts stunning countryside, history and culture, but with 29 individual boards all working separately, there is currently no coordinated tourism strategy. To help boost visits to the north, the Deputy Prime Minister today (5 November 2014) announced Regional Growth Funding of £10 million to back proposals for a clear tourism strategy.

Nick Clegg said:

It’s absurd that our great north is missing out on visitors when it boasts such stunning countryside, history and culture. Through the Northern Futures project, I asked people what our northern cities needed in order to compete globally, and to grow.

Your resounding call is clear – a strong northern future relies on putting the north back on the map: a top tourist destination. From next year, there will be a clear strategy for tourism in the north, bringing harmony to the current offer from 29 individual tourism boards into one great offer.

See the full press release at:

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