Non-members can BOGOF says British Destinations

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Outrageous but true.  Non-member destinations can now BOGOF by  joining British Destinations for the 2015-16 financial year and getting up to 5 remaining months of 2014/15 for free and the array of support, information and representation that goes with it.  As a bonus anyone joining before the end of  January 2015 will also be able to participate in both the current 2014/15 and next year’s 2015/16 destination intelligence surveys and destination intelligence activities. This is a free to member’s service. Alright so the offer isn’t quite “buy one get one free” but it’s near enough and it still represents both a significant saving and on opportunity to get  key, comparable destination benchmarks in place in little over one year.  Both Cambridge and STEAM data users should note that as British Destinations members they can now get free assistance with the completion of the surveys from their data providers.

So why join?

  1. Who we are and what we do:
  2. See recent routine communications:
  3. See who’s involved, which destinations are in membership and  where and at what level  we represent member’s interests:
  4. Take a look at the membership recruitment  tools for more detail and/or for the tools to convince others:
  5. See more about destination intelligence services at:


If you are not in membership then please consider the merits of joining. If you are in membership then please pass the detail of this offer on to colleagues in neighbouring non-member destination (see bullet 3 above for details of who’s in membership now).

Annual membership for a destination or commercial associate member starts from £750 per financial year.  To help with budgeting the single annual membership fee under the BOGOF deal can be paid either now in 2014/15, delayed until the start of 2015/16 (April 2015) or spread across both financial years.

To find out more or to join which is a very simple process, contact Peter Hampson our CEO by email here or call 07714341379.

One thought on “Non-members can BOGOF says British Destinations

    […] Non-members, why not give yourselves a festive treat and take advantage of the ongoing offer joining us now for 15 month and pay only for the 12 months April to March of the 2014/15 financial year.  Buy now and the offer also including free participation in both the current 2014 and next year’s 2015 destination intelligence.  More on the BOGOF deal at: […]

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