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Minor final adjustments to the 2014 Destination Intelligence Survey input form have been made and the latest version added to and the protected Destination Intelligence.  Please consider completing this years survey; the form is easier to use and colleagues providing both STEAM and Cambridge data are willing to assist their customers with our survey as a free customer benefit.  Access the final version of the 2014 input form at:

The real survey data, new and historic, is protected and can only be accessed by British Destination members. The login detail can be accessed by members from the protected page in the site; accessible here if you need it. Samples of individual and category group  reports, using dummy data have now been produced for demonstration and promotional purposes, so the principles can be shared with anyone but without compromising the real data.  These samples can now be accessed from the page at:

We have added an extra link to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) tourism definitions paper. The general statistical definitions and especially the definitions of destination management, public realm and the roles of local authority at page 25 onwards, and within the 2 annexes that follow it, are really useful and deserve wider publication. Find the definitions paper at:

Various useful and interesting updates and reports  from the national Boards have also been added recently to the  members area & login menu tab.  Individual board’s each have their own tab on the drop down menu. All these pages are protected.  To save you time links to the relevant pages reached from the individual board’s tabs are:

VisitBritain :

Northern Ireland Tourist Board:

Visit Wales:



If you are from a member destination and can’t login to any protected page then follow the instructions at:

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