Short notice opportunity to comment on proposed Defra rural tourism and transport project

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I have arranged  a meeting at very short notice with the lead officer at Defra on 10 December to discuss their proposals for a rural tourism and transport project. I have a reasonable idea of what needs to be raised, however, I would welcome ideas, comments and views from colleagues, which would need to be emailed to me before 14:00 on Wednesday 1oth December. Alternatively call me 07714341379.  The outline stakeholder consultation document can be accessed at:  I am sorry for the lack of warning.

One thought on “Short notice opportunity to comment on proposed Defra rural tourism and transport project

    Victor Middleton said:
    December 9, 2014 at 3:39 pm

    Hi Peter

    Short notice or what? I read this quickly and for what it is worth I think identifying and communicating good practice is probably the best route for this project. People have been looking at rural transport for several years up and down the country and especially in national park areas and there must be practical evidence of what doesn’t work, what does work and what shows signs of working. The first category (analysing why it did not work) may of itself provide useful signposts. I feel a key issue is how to get the vast majority of people who use cars to get to a destination to use public transport and or cycle once at the destination. That means linking realistically priced parking options and prices with public transport prices and pick up points, which is often a key problem (ie one price, which can be promoted). The Haverthwaite railway linking car park, steam railway and Windermere lake cruise boats could be a model? Not public transport per se but the current expansion of interest in cycling should mean there are usable options to link p ublic transport with cycle routes in popular destinations – carriage both ways or one way on public transport linked with maps or mobile apps. Yorkshire after the Tour? Given the expansion of mobile technology some dedicated rural transport websites would be a separate aspect or part of what is noted above.

    Hope that is useful


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