England’s Northern Tourism fund and Defra’s transport and rural tourism project updates:

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The text of a letter from the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister for Tourism to tourism stakeholders in Northern England updating them on the progress and plans towards developing a programme for the recently announced £10m allocation from the Regional Growth Fund is now available on Britishdestinations.net. The purpose of making this available to you is to illustrate to those not in the loop in North of England and equally those outside the “North” or indeed England, that this is still very much a work in progress; albeit in all likelihood, one for which Government will now wish to have a substantive plan or strategy ready for public pronouncement before the pre-general election purdah period commence on 30 March 2015:


Notes on the recent meeting regarding a proposed Defra research project looking at transport and rural tourism are also available on Britishdestinations.net.  In addition to letting members know what was represented to the Defra on their behalf, it also aims to lets you know that Defra are still willing to take additional comment from interested parties and how to go about doing that:


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