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A lot has been added in recent days to British  Of note and with widest utility to the membership, is the January edition of VB’s Foresights on the subject of “What are potential visitors to Britain interested in doing?  It’s probably of more strategic and product development planning value at the destination level, than of immediate value to individual business or to 2015 destination’s marketing plans?  The report can be accessed at paragraph 3 of the following protected page:  All of VB’s recent reports and updates are available off this page.

We have also added 3 items recently to the research and statistics library, some of you will have been notified but not necessarily  all:  This page contains all the  50 plus reports in the library’s content in approximate publication date order.

Latest updates from the other  national boards are accessible by scrolling down the drop down menu that appears off the main menu tab: “Members area and login”.  Each Board has its own protected page.

As ever if you are a member and you come across a protected page and you have not had or can’t remember the login, just email me at If you not a member then its time you were:


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