Final CMS Select Committee evidence session update

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The Culture Media and Sport Select Committee’s final session on 3 February took evidence from both the CEOs of VisitBritain and VisitEngland and then from the Ministers with responsibility for Tourism and for Coastal Communities.

The link to the audio-visual record given below  is well worth viewing or, as it’s rather long at 2 1/2 hours, a listen playing in the background as you work. This assumes of course that your organisation’s IT policies allow access to such modernity as audio-video streaming!

The VB and VE contributions were excellent and are helpful in understanding their viewpoints now and their possible future joint and separate general direction, Triennial Review and future funding round announcements permitting.

Albeit rather late in the life of the Parliament, the Ministerial comment (starting approximately half way through the recording) exposes some of the subtleties of policy direction and the degree of understanding at a senior level  of tourism, tourism structures and relationships, and especially, in my view, their understanding and views around public, public private sector partnership. There is also a fair chunk on coastal resorts and tourism in both the VB/VE and ministerial sessions.

Please note before embarking on a potentially epic listening session you are unlikely to get anything of immediate operational value out this.  The value lies in it being a really good strategic, contextual piece, which is of great relevance to both to English domestic/international and UK/British international tourism’s future.

I am grateful to the Tourism Alliance for pointing me to the clip. The overview and tone of comment above, however, are mine alone; just on the off-chance anyone decides to take umbrage:

Please do share your thoughts and comments

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