Destination Intelligence and other Research and Statistical updates

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Three things:

1. The annual Destination Intelligence Survey which is a free British Destinations member’s benefit is about to close for 2014/15.   Those who have not yet participated can still do so but you’ll have to be quick  Partial data can be submitted and is still useful. (see detail here).

Participation levels  have been excellent this year.  The individual destination, category group and full membership reports will be published and made available, together with the historic data for the previous decade, on our protected Destination Intelligence site during the last two weeks of March: .  The log in detail, for this site is different to the corporate site but is available via a protected page on our corporate website (see the drop down menu from the “About Destination Intelligence” menu tab).

2. We are regularly adding research and statistical reports of national significance to our research and statistics library. Recent offerings include the Economic Downturn and the “Staycation”, Coastal Communities Fund Progress Report and The London Review 2013 -14.  These and 50 plus other reports can be found at: .

3. The latest offering from the Tourism Intelligence Unit (TIU) at Office for National Statistics (ONS) covers the provisional international passenger survey (international inbound and domestic outbound).  It is of particular interest as it covers the third quarter of 2014, July to September, essentially the core summer season months.  These ONS figure have already been reported in part by VB and others.  However, some may find the purely factual ONS reporting style and the benefits of having access to all the source data in one publication helpful.

The section on oversea travel by UK residents pages 4, 5 and 6 is particularly enlightening; helping perhaps to highlight the potential fragility of the “staycation effect” and the scale of both the market and financial benefits available should we continue to be able to retain and even building on it.: 2015 ONS third quarter provisional IPS results

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