“New Funding” section added to Britishdestinations.net

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In order make our reporting of the recent flurry of new, pre-election tourism funding initiatives more user-friendly we have updated earlier reports, add some new pages and then consolidated them all under one new main menu tab, “New Funding”.

To access the detail hover over the main tab “New funding” and then select the individual initiatives from the drop-down menu:


Currently there are 5 relatively new funding opportunities included.  Two specifically are for the English coastal sector, plus a general update on the UK wide Coastal Communities Fund [CCF], and three for international marketing: one of which is UK wide and two specifically directed at Northern and South West England.

As ever with Britishdestinations.net the intent is that when we add something new to this section we will let you know, so there is no necessity to have to keep checking for updates.

If there other currently open, UK or Home Nation funding opportunities, that we have not yet included then please send the detail to us here.

Please do share your thoughts and comments

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