Destination Intelligence 2014 data now available to British Destination members

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The aggregated data for the 44 British Destination members who have chosen to participated in the recent 2014 Destination Intelligence Survey, together with the separate category group reports for Cities, Counties, Coastal and Rural groups are now available on our Destination Intelligence website.

Individual destination reports will be posted on to the relevant category group sub-pages shortly and we will notify you again when this has happened.  The individual reports will also be emailed to the person in each destination who submitted the original data.

The following webpage contains links to the “All Groups” and the 4 separate category group reports, alternatively hover over the 2014 main menu heading and then select the group pages you wish to view from the drop down menu:

The Destination Intelligence website has its own separate password protection from the main corporate website.  However, the current pass word can be accessed by members from the main corporate website using the current main website password at:  or,  if you have forgotten either or both passwords, just emailing me here.

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