UK Wide Inland and Coastal Bathing Waters latest results

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Following this week’s opening of the official 2015 bathing season in England and Wales (from 1 June in Scotland and Northern Ireland) the UK Beach Management Forum’s (UKBMF) website has been updated to include links on one single page to the latest interactive mapping for Scotland, Wales and England and text descriptions for Northern Ireland bathing waters and their historic and current results:

The UK Beach Management Forum website contains a host of detailed information on beach and inland and coastal bathing water management related issues, both for practitioners and for those wanting or needing to understand the much wider implications, for tourism and the visitor economy.

This year marks a key hurdle for beach management, in particular at coastal destinations, but also arguably for the reputation of UK domestic tourism in general as the new, much more stringent,  EU revised Bathing Water Directive (rBWD) comes into full effect.

One thought on “UK Wide Inland and Coastal Bathing Waters latest results

    Kevin Boorman said:
    May 19, 2015 at 9:38 am

    Thanks, Peter; we’re projected to be poor, causing me big issues…

    All the best,

    Kevin Kevin Boorman Head of Communications & Marketing Hastings Borough Council Tel :- Hastings (01424) 451123 24/7 PR on-call contact 0774 082 5579

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