Latest tourism and visitor economy update from British Destinations

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Three things:

1. Confirmation of the appointments in the Westminster Government and details of a few of the key players in relation to tourism, the visitor economy and destinations are summarised at:

2. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) have released their annual report on international inbound and UK outbound tourism travel during 2014.  Access it in the British Destinations research and statistics library at:

3. Since John Whittingdale the former Chair and Tracey Crouch a former member of the Culture, Media and Sports Select Committee have recently become Secretary of State and Minister of State respectively at DCMS, it wouldn’t be that unreasonably to suggest that the relevance of that Select Committee’s recent tourism report might now be somewhat greater than it would otherwise have been? Perhaps almost the bones, if not the meat of a tourism strategy? Remind yourselves of what the committee and its Chairman said and recommended at:

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