FairBooking UK – low cost ethical booking site launched- participants wanted

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After trials in Cumbria, Cornwall and the New Forest last year FairBooking UK, a  new low-cost, ethical booking website has recently gone live.  The team behind the not for profit approach to online booking are in the process of seeking expressions of interest from other destination management bodies, who might themselves wish to consider participating as a destination. At some point later in the year they also intend to start offer the concept more widely to individual businesses across the UK, regardless of whether their locality is participating as a destination.

The scheme offers three different commission based approaches which between them we are told make the concept capable of integrating with many of the existing local booking and business models currently in use. Clearly a potpourri of differing local circumstances are going to dictate whether FairBooking is, or is not, something for those (you) at the destination level.

FairBooking UK may not be for everyone, however, we would urge you all to read the short briefing note provided, if only so you can make a more informed decision about whether or not it is something you should investigate in more detail; and in many cases probably investigate before more local businesses start to become aware of it later in the year?

The briefing note with links and contact details, which has been provided to us by Fairbooking UK, can be found at:


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