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The level of interest in FairBooking UK, the new industry led, low-cost ethical booking initiative is such that a new FairBooking UK webpage giving answers to the more obvious headline questions and a contact form has now been produced to replace the email and telephone hotline.  Links to these have been added to a new FairBooking UK page on Britishdestinations.net which can be found at: https://britishdestinations.net/fairbooking-uk/ 

Having reread yesterday’s introductory comment my attempt to be neutral may be read as being overly cautious even negative.

For clarity I happen to believe that this is an exciting new initiative, providing a much-needed, viable alternative to commercial third-party websites which may therefore help reduce the costs and strangle hold they appear to be gaining, especially over online accommodation bookings.  Currently this is my view only, since I have yet to discuss and have it confirmed, denied or amended by the views of the Executive who represent the practitioners view and, thus, the views that really matter. While waiting to hear from them I would also welcome pragmatic views from other members.

Regardless, I believe the initiative is not just worthy but something that is very likely to take off and become widely discussed and adopted.  What I was hinting at but didn’t explicitly say was that if I am right then destination manager and destination marketeers at the very least need to make themselves totally familiar with FairBooking UK.  My instinct also tell me you would be very well advised to have started if not finished rehearsed the arguments for and against participation as a “destination”, and preferably well before your trade partners start asking the obvious questions of you.

If it were me and the arguments against were few then I would be looking to get involved, however, I have the luxury of occasionally practicing isolated theory, whereas most of you have discomfort of constantly implementing and managing concurrent and often competing practice. That’s why I said it may not be for everyone, but that is a hard-nosed decision that can only be made by you once you are armed with the detailed facts.  Because this is a not for profit, industry led initiative there is no sales persons going to come round to trying to sell it to you, or explain the pros and cons in your given circumstance.  You need to seek that information out for yourselves……

2 thoughts on “FairBooking UK update

    David Andrews said:
    May 28, 2015 at 12:16 pm

    Interesting debate. We’re focusing on a ‘book direct’ message which seems clearer to me (not so good for destinations wanting to drive their own commissions though

    John Carmichael said:
    May 28, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    Interesting. I don’t believe your introductory note yesterday Peter could have been construed as overly cautious or negative though; as those working in the destination management / marketing arena, we are often sold ‘the next big thing’ which often turns out not to be that ‘big’…

    Whilst the new initiative looks good, having looked at the site I a noted with interest that on the ‘Who Benefits’ page it states “everything you pay goes straight to the businesses that provide your experience”, however on the ‘About Us’ page it states “any bookings you receive through the website will be subject to (the standard Guestlink) 10% commission (inc Vat) collected a month after the guest has stayed”. So in reality, whilst the full amount does go straight to the provider initially, the said provider still has to pay 10% commission…

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