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Over the years that we have been running a Destination Intelligence service there have been persistent questions  asked and concern expressed about what exactly is included, or not included, in calculating the cost of providing a tourism service, within the annual local government’s figures produced by CIPFA (Charted Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy).

Although circulated in previous years, we have now added the latest version of the CIPFA code of practice to the Destination Intelligence website.  The guidance note for finance departments very clearly sets out in a few pages what should be attributed to “tourism” and, as importantly, what should, by CIPFA’s definitions, be attributed to some of the other “divisions of service” headings within the main cultural and related service division reports. Whilst we don’t have to agree with CIPFA’s allocation of cost to tourism, we do need to know what they based on if we are to truly understand the meaning of any particular set of CIPFA figures.  CIPFA figure for tourism in England by local authority areas and a copy of code of practice can be found at: We are still trying to source and get permission to publish the other home nation’s figures.

Over the next few months we will look at how those cultural and related activities that we know are managed by some of you but which are not then included in the tourism heading, for example events, can be presented in the 2015 intelligence survey.  Any proposed changes will be aired and road tested with the user group before we consider incorporating them into the next survey to be conducted in late 2015.

The destination intelligence website has also had a new main section added for examples of local research, surveys and strategies. We are now actively seeking more examples of work like the excellent Wiltshire & Swindon Accommodation Futures study (2014) to add to the new page : If you have example of local research, studies or strategies that you happy to share with colleagues then please forward it to us here.

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