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Getting Active Outdoors – A study of the Demography, Motivation, Participation and Provision in Outdoor Sport and Recreation in England has now been added to our extensive library of nationally important research and statistics reports.

Although Commissioned by Sports England and the UK wide, Outdoor Industries Association and ostensibly about outdoor activities in England this comprehensive report is applicable to and has utility across all the home nations and also to all environments, including urban destinations. The wider utility is well illustrated by the use as a case study of Plas-y-Brenin, the Sports England owned National Mountain Sports Centre, located in Capel Curig in Conwy Council’s patch in North Wales. Not everyone will necessarily agree, but UK tourism and visitor economy activities are seldom entirely hidebound by the niceties of national or even sometimes of  international boundaries.

At 127 pages it is a big report, containing both major items of specific to subject matter intelligence and snippets and gems throughout of information of general use to marketing, destination, economic development and regeneration management. It covers the strategic but also goes as far as providing profiling tools for local destination/business analysis.

The summary at page 3 is helpful but in my opinion it doesn’t, due to scale, do the full content, full justice.  At a minimum it is worth reading it then either scanning the entire document or honing in on specifics topics and if they then prove of interest, reading on. Areas include: from page 31 segmentation, from 56 demographics, from 64 geography, or the where, from 68 the when, from 72 trends and preferences, from 80 activity by age and life style stages, from 94 who provides what and from 112 mapping and profiling.

In summary a very useful report of nationally and locally importance,especially if now or in the future you wish to evidence the strength and potential of your existing provision, or are in need of background information and tools to support plans to grow or develop more provision in your destinations.

See the report in the’s research and statistics library page at:

or on its own page at:


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