New report: The Skills and Productivity Question published

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People 1st have published a new report entitled, The Skills and Productivity Question.  A useful report that identifies several challenges and opportunities for tourism and visitor economy.  If pressed for time the executive summary at page 2 and main body summary at page 18 highlights all main issues, whilst the report itself is well worth reading in full; comments on an over reliance on younger worker and the suggested alternative approaches I thought were particularly thought-provoking.

This may well be a report worth sharing with your own local partners and businesses?  Access it in the main British Destinations reports and statistics library at: or separately for ease of distribution at:

The nub of the report’s findings (taken from the main body summary) are:

“As a result of these challenges there needs to be greater focus on:

• Employee engagement to help staff retention

• Promotion of career progression pathways to the existing workforce, aligned to succession planning and training and development opportunities

• Recruitment from diverse labour pools so we are not so dependent on attracting younger people

• Promotion of career progression pathways to attract candidates to fill skilled front of house, chef and management roles • Recruitment targeting sustainable, but flexible labour pools, such as older workers and women returner

• More systematic training and development planning integrated within an organisation’s people strategy

If the sector were to raise productivity levels by just 1% it would contribute an additional £1.43bn to the UK economy”.


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