Report on music tourism’s contribution to the UK economy

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UK Music have published a new report outlining the music tourism’s contribution to the UK economy during the period 2011 to 2014.  The report by Oxford Economics,” Wish you were here 2015 – Music tourism’s contribution to the UK economy”, has now been added to the British Destinations research and statistics library available at: .

The report gives UK and Nations and Regions total estimates for “music tourism” and a brief Nations and Regions case study for each.  The figures are not broken down below regional level, other than to give event headline figures within each case study.  Nonetheless the report’s National/regional level figures may still be useful in supporting existing, or in developing new destination based live music events?  At a more strategic level, as we rapidly approach critical comprehensive spending review decision points,  the report is timely, good news for the music industries and, at the very least by inference, for tourism and the visitor economy in general.

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