Important Tourism Management Institute Consultation

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Those of you who are TMI members are reminded that the consultation on the future direction of TMI closes shortly.  It’s an important consultation and  your opinion for or against separation from the Tourism Society counts but only if you bother to respond by close of play 25th September!

TMI’s reminder email reads:

The deadline for letting your Executive know your preference for the future of TMI is close of business Friday, 25 September, i.e. the end of this week. Please reply to this email or to the original email sent on 7 September, with Option A or Option B in the subject line and any comments in the body of the email.

Depending upon the outcome of this consultation, your Executive will bring a formal resolution to the AGM in November.

To remind you, the options are:


Separation from the Tourism Society and re-creation of TMI as a standalone body and voice for those in destination management.  Members may choose to remain a member of Tourism Society as well, but this will be a separate arrangement.



TMI remains a section of the Tourism Society. Members will continue to receive the Tourism Society Journal and be offered special rates to attend Tourism Society events.

Your Executive and National Council unanimously recommend Option A.  Our vision is that a new, revitalised and dynamic TMI:

  • will continue to offer at least two events a year dedicated to those working in destination management
  • will re-join the Tourism Alliance in its own right, giving a greater voice and influence to destination managers
  • will build on its success amongst the higher education sector, building on the established accreditation schemes and developing them further
  • will be keen to maintain strong relationships with Tourism Society and all bodies in the tourism family, affiliating where there is a benefit in so doing at the same time as maintaining an independent voice for destination management
  • will seek to build a broader based Executive team well placed to meet the changing needs of those working across the wide spectrum of destination management

This is the future of your TMI and your opinions count, so please take two minutes to reply to this email, or the earlier one, with either Option A or Option B in the subject line.

Many thanks in advance

Kind regards

Cathy Guthrie FTMI FTS
Hon. Secretary
Tel: 01467 620769  Mob: 07802 679489


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