Pre-CSR letter on the future of VisitEngland

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What was intended to be  a letter to the Prime Minister, copied to the Chancellor, Chief Secretary to the Treasury  and Secretary of State and Tourism Minister at DCMS has, due to timing issues, become a letter direct to the Chancellor, copied to the Prime Minister and the others.

The letter has gone out under plain cover and has been signed by a deliberately wide cross-section of tourism and Visitor Economy interests.  Although British Destinations have coordinated this campaign, other than in the covering to the email copies sent, there is no reference to our role.  Again this was done deliberately in order to gain wide support purely on the basis of the case made and not on the basis of who was, or was not, making it.

Now that the letter has gone I am happy for anyone to know what our role was in producing this and, if it help you locally, or helps the case for continued British Destination membership please feel free distribute it further  preferably making it clear that this was a British Destination’s coordinated activity.

Those of you in England may also like to consider sending the letter to your own local MP’s?

Tourism Industry Letter 6 Nov Final


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