Destination BIDs update

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Those of you following the progress of Destination Business Improvement Districts (DBIDs) as we are encouraging people to call them, as opposed to Tourism BIDs (TBIDs) a term which is already associated more with larger Cites and specifically the funding of international convention centres, may wish to note that:

  • Disappointingly in the circumstance of ever increasing emphasis on local self-help the Torbay DBID failed at ballot on the 21 November: Torbay BID Declaration-Press Release
  • Meanwhile the Isle of Wight’s ambitious DBID consultation was launched earlier this month.  It is to be hoped that tourism and other businesses on the Isle of Wight will see the direction of travel for national tourism support and agree to take the necessary positive steps that will help towards them securing their own tourism future:

More background on DBIDs and TBIDs and links to information on functioning DBID can be found at:


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