Month: November 2015

Coastal Revival Fund Update

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This is mainly for urban and rural coastal members in England.

I attended a meetings last week at which the “grossly oversubscribed” £3m DCLG Coastal Revival Fund was discussed.  Other key bits of “intelligence” gained were that:

  • The announcements for awards of up to £50k each anticipated in late October or early November will now not be made until late November, subject to Ministerial agreement.  I.e. not before then and it may conceivably be even later if Minister or other event (CSR announcements?) decree it. The principle issue driving the delay appears to be volume of applications.
  • As the money allocated has technically all to be spent  by 31 March 2016 the ability of the schemes put forward to achieve that is being considered as an additional criteria within the selection process.  That suggests anything involving major capital works is now much less likely to be approved, whereas bid that had, and clearly articulated a short timescale, are more likely to be considered.  That’s my interpretation and not a guarantee.

If you think you are still in the running you would be well advised to do some contingency planning around the practicalities of hitting the ground running in the weeks immediately running up to Christmas, or in the early day of the New Year.  It would be a shame to be selected and then miss out because of the short window of opportunity granted.

Hardly the ideal scenario even for those lucky enough to be selected. Regrettable it’s the inevitable consequence of creating a new one-off fund in a hurry.  However, never look a gift horse in the mouth;  coastal destinations in England should be eternally grateful to outgoing Minister’s for coming up with the idea and to DCLG officials for delivering on it and doing so against all the odds and Treasury inspired hurdles attached to it.

Original announcements background etc. can be accessed via:

Trinity Mirror add access to 2m readers for free…….

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NEWS FLASH! Trinity Mirror British Destination feature has been updated!

Sunday Mirror 24 January will now be included in January’s UK destination feature adding a further 2,004,000 readers to the package previously offered and all at no additional cost, so reducing the likely cost per response for each advertiser.

See the original offer detail, updated to include the Sunday Mirror here or should you be interested to learn more or take part; please contact Rosie Parson in the Travel team at Trinity Mirror Solutions: or 02072933912


Pre-CSR letter on the future of VisitEngland

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What was intended to be  a letter to the Prime Minister, copied to the Chancellor, Chief Secretary to the Treasury  and Secretary of State and Tourism Minister at DCMS has, due to timing issues, become a letter direct to the Chancellor, copied to the Prime Minister and the others.

The letter has gone out under plain cover and has been signed by a deliberately wide cross-section of tourism and Visitor Economy interests.  Although British Destinations have coordinated this campaign, other than in the covering to the email copies sent, there is no reference to our role.  Again this was done deliberately in order to gain wide support purely on the basis of the case made and not on the basis of who was, or was not, making it.

Now that the letter has gone I am happy for anyone to know what our role was in producing this and, if it help you locally, or helps the case for continued British Destination membership please feel free distribute it further  preferably making it clear that this was a British Destination’s coordinated activity.

Those of you in England may also like to consider sending the letter to your own local MP’s?

Tourism Industry Letter 6 Nov Final

Letter to the Prime Minister re VisitEngland

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British Destinations is coordinating at short-notice the production of an open letter to the Prime Minister to be sent at the end of the week regarding post CSR funding for VisitEngland.  The letter is being signed by a number of the Chairman or CEOs  of our strategic national partner organisations, of some major nationally recognized tourism business and selection of larger Destination Management Organisations (non “BD” members).

Whilst it is probably both unnecessary and impractical to get all British Destination member destinations, even in England, to sign, I do need all members to:

  1. know what it is we are doing  before I do it and
  2. to give those that might gain some particular local business advantage through involvement, the opportunity to participate by signing the letter.

See more and access the draft letter at the following page: