Give your neighbouring destinations a Christmas gift

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Stuck for ideas for what to give your neighbouring Destination this Christmas?

Well why not give them the opportunity to benefit up to 4 months free British Destinations membership?

In all seriousness we urgently need to recruit new and former members in order to sustain the organisation.  At this time of year we can happily offer a combination of either up to a 3/4 month free trial for those unwilling to commit or for those that can already see the benefit  up to 15/16 months membership for the price of 12, either paid up front in the 4 remaining months of this financial year or deferred until the next.  The latter BOGOF approach has the advantage of offering the potential of participation in two free Destination Intelligence Surveys (2015 and 2016’s) for one year’s subscription.

It’s a good offer but we can’t do it alone and experience shows that satisfied current members are far better ambassadors or sale persons than an unsolicited contact from me.

What I need you to do is check the membership  list (below) identify non-member colleagues and contact them suggesting that there is an opportunity to try membership for free, between now and 31 March or better still an opportunity to get full membership benefits for up to 16 month for the knock down price of next year’s subscription  New member subscription start at £750 plus VAT.  All the detail they need is in the first few tabs of the corporate website (see below) and you should also invite them to look at and scroll down the latest information and update page to see what it is we doing on a daily basis for them and their industry: 

Who we are and what we do:

Membership tools (including the membership list):


Join us today:

I appreciate that it’s a big ask of you especially when on the home front fewer people are being asked to do more with less, but please do try to take the time to contact as many fellow officers, fellow Councillor or senior representatives in your neighbouring destinations, DMO’s, tourism bodies DBIDs etc.  as you can.  A few additional members will make a significant difference to the levels of continued service we can offer to you and to them.


Please do share your thoughts and comments

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