Month: January 2016

Update your public facing webpage entry

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We maintain a public facing promotional website  in addition to the corporate internal information website.  This public site gives free promotion for your destination(s) via the website itself and additionally free promotion via our  public facing Facebook page which is automatically populated from your webpage entry.

The website entries are purposely designed to be sort factual pieces that encourage customers to seek further information from you via your website and/or via brochure requests (optional) and thus it needs little routine maintenance.  The maintenance is done remotely by you.  If you not recently visited you page and updated it for 2016 then now is the time to do so at:

Each destination has its own user name and login (not the same one as the corporate site). If you forgotten it email me:

Three things you need to do:

  • Check your page titles and text for accuracy and make any amendments.  The page is character limited so the scope for expansions is equally limited.  The save button is at the end of the page and there is no prompt function, so don’t inadvertently leave the page without saving.
  • You have the option to add events on a separate data base, if you have activated this facility check them for accuracy and update or add new ones for 2016.
  • You have the option to allow the public to order brochures.  The email address that the requests are sent to is found in the administrative section.  If activated already please check the current fulfilment email address that you are using.  If you wish to switch on or switch off the facility simply add or remove an email address.

Although not now state of the art the website does generate a steady flow of brochure requests and referrals to destination websites, particularly in through the first half of the calendar year.   Please help us to help you by making sure your entry is accurate.


Job Vacancy Stoke-on-Trent c£43k to c£46k closing Friday 15 Jan 16

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Slightly short notice as it closes on Friday 15 January but an interesting post has been drawn to our attention in the member destination of Stoke-on-Trent.

If its not for you please consider circulating to your own networks.

More detail available on our job vacancy pages at:

2015 UK Bathing Waters Conference Report

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A very brief report giving access to 26 of the 27 presentations, including our own, made to last November’s biennial UK Bathing Water Conference can be accessed on the following UK Beach Management Forum website.

This is not necessarily a subject of direct interest to everyone, however it is worth noting that the much wider UK tourism PR and other unintended and/or second and third order consequences of the ongoing implementation of the new 2006 EU Bathing Water Directive (previously referred to as the revised UK Bathing Water Directive) did get relatively good coverage, not least in my own presentation on the value of beach awards.

Post – CSR VB VE update 5 Jan 16

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Lobbying activity relating to the post-CSR merger of VisitBritain and VisitEngland has continued during the holiday period.  The text of an email from Kurt Janson Director Tourism Alliance including links to the latest letter and briefing note on the issues from the Secretary of State DCMS can be accessed at:

Tourism Research Wales Event – 28 January

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Save the date – Thursday 28 January 2016

An Adventure Into ‘Big Data’

Mining digital data to inform and influence marketing and development – a unique gathering of international practitioners bringing their expertise to Wales in the New Year 2016.


Thursday, 28 January 2016


Bay Campus, Swansea University


One day with international leaders in the digital field – coming to Wales to showcase the practical application of ‘big data’ in day-to-day operations and forward planning in the visitor economy, including:

Bloom Consulting (Madrid) 

CICtourGUNE (Basque Country) 

GlamPro (Slovenia)

Visit Flanders 

iMINDS (Belgium) 

Who should attend?

SMEs to large organisations within the visitor economy, including private and public sector, transport, hospitality and related services, would benefit from the day.

Booking opens in the New Year 2016 – limited numbers. To register interest or for more information, please email 

New Year’s Cheer – Subscriptions frozen

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Good News, the Board at its recent meeting in December agreed to freeze annual subscription rates again for another year.  They did so in recognition of the tight financial circumstance we are all experiencing and by way of a thank you to all the loyal supporting members.  Armed with knowledge of the agreed 2016/17 rates I can also now start seeking advanced payment from those who traditional pay early, or from those of you who may want to do this as a one off in what remains of the 2015/16 financial year. (see below).

The quid pro quo for freezing subscriptions is that we would ask all individual representatives from each of the 60 odd member organisations (I.e. upwards of 300 people) to make at least one determined effort in the coming 12 months to recruit a non-member destination or a new associate or commercial member.

It was also agreed to formalise free and therefore potential additional service payments as follows:

  • Destination (those paying up to £750 pa ex VAT), up to a half day bespoke service free per membership year.
  • Major destinations (paying up to £1,500) up to 1 days bespoke services free per membership year.
  • Principal destinations (paying up to £3,500) up to 1 ½ days bespoke services free per membership year .

Bespoke services are anything from simple letters of support for bid or more complex expert opinion on tourism issues, small research projects, site visits, facilitating meetings, chairing events, presenting at conferences and seminars, and undertaking smaller consultancy projects. Work undertaken beyond the appropriate free limit for each membership type will be charged at an agreed rate calculated to recover actual staff and associated costs, including any travel time (c £400 per day; actual rate to be negotiated and agreed on a case by case basis).  In addition we will now also seek to recover actual travel and subsistence costs incurred from visits made at a member’s request.

If you want to be invoiced prior to 31 March 2016, or need more information to assess whether this is an option for you, for example you can’t remember what the fee is you pay(!) the please email me now at: