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A new report from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) looks at the future of retail and the UK’s high streets.  Although not a “tourism report” as such it’s finding reinforce our existing concerns about the future role of retail in the high street and the high street’s role in destination based tourism. By default it prompts some very difficult questions about the function of retail and it roles in place making and the visitor economy.

Of greatest concern is the  that the report acknowledges that there are likely to be considerable regional/national variation and  that those place that are already economically fragile are most likely to see the greatest impact of store closures and associated difficulties. See the full report at:

Also in the news:  Travelodge have put its sale on hold after announcing record profits from increased sales to business travellers, but equally having also failed to attract a significantly large bid from any capital investors in the sales process started last summer. As one of UK’s largest budget operators, with hotel in all principal, most major and many smaller destinations, both the company’s fortunes and its business model’s impact on other accommodation providers are ones to be closely watched:

Despite improvement across the international groups performance Merlin Entertainment acknowledges that it has been a difficult year following last year’s the Alton Towers accident.  Last week’s news that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has informed Merlin Attractions Operations Ltd that it will be prosecuted also serves to keep this deeply regrettable incident firmly in the public eye, with all the attendant consequences for Merlin, for the Alton Towers and, sadly by association, for much of the rest of theme park and attractions industry:


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