2015 Destination Intelligence reports published

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We have just published the 2015 Destination Intelligence survey reports for all member destinations. These reports are held on the separate Destination Intelligence website: https://destinationintelligence.wordpress.com/ and the pages containing the reports themselves are protected.

The password for the Destination Intelligence site can be found on the following protected Britishdestinations.net page, using the main corporate website’s password:


or failing that member’s representatives can always obtained passwords by emailing me here.

Look in Destination Intelligence site’s main and drop down menu under the “latest 2015 (2014/15 data) descriptions and reports” tab to access: the  all group, group and individual destination’s reports. Alternatively access the headline page directly at:


Note, errors and omissions can be corrected and any additional information can still be added to individual reports where it is missing.  Please contact  Sergi Jarques to discuss the reports and/or to arrange for any necessary amendments to be made.


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