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We don’t normally promote sponsorship requests but this one from Bob Carter, MD of Carrier Group and a long standing friend and supporter of British Destinations is a bit of an exception. If you can help please do:

Dear friend

I have always wanted to do the London Marathon, it’s taken ten years to get in! And as they say, you’re never too old…..HELP!

Recently someone I know lost part of his leg in a nasty accident, but the Devon Air Ambulance helped save his life (as well as the other emergency and hospital staff) – life changing to say the least! Wherever you live, however old you are, whatever you do, if you have an accident or need to be rushed to hospital for any reason, the air ambulances could save YOUR life – so please support these amazing people:


The Devon Air Ambulance Trust now operates two helicopters, attending 1400 incidents every year. Soon to be operating up to midnight they cost £5.5 million per annum to run, and get no financial assistance from government or lottery, so every donation helps significantly. You can make a difference and keep these guys flying, saving lives.

You can donate/support me here:


Thank you so much for donating, and if you’re watching the marathon on TV, watch out for the bald bloke with a helicopter on his back! 🙂

Don’t forget it could be you needing an air ambulance one day, so please give as much as you can afford, every £ helps keep them flying and saving lives

All the best

Bob Carter


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