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Most but not all members updated their individual information pages in December and January on www.britishdestinations.co.uk . This public facing site automatically populates your pages on our national Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/UKHolidays giving you two entirely free promotional avenues.  Somewhat belatedly we have also recently added a link from the corporate site for any members of the public who come there looking for tourist information.

As we are now heading towards the start of the main season can I please ask that you either update your entry for 2016, or if you have already done so check it again and make any additional tweaks needed.  Neither avenue gets massive numbers of visits but there is a steady flow to both typically in the order of few hundreds per week, most of whom then go on to click through to individual destination’s sites.

The public sites destination pages are individually user name and password protected (not the corporate site password). As ever if you forgotten the password and can’t recover it using the automated system on the site, then contact me at:  peter.hampson@btconnect.com




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