EU Referendum – Impacts on the UK Tourism Industry

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Just as British Destinations resolved not to take a firm view on BREXIT the Tourism Alliance, and the organisations individually represented on their Board have largely done the same.

As the 23 of June approaches it has become apparent that as individual trade bodies we and The Alliance as the trade body of trade bodies, would be doing our joint and separate memberships a disservice if we did not make some attempt to highlight the known key considerations and give some of the factual detail needed to help consider the merits and demerits of either remaining in or exiting the EU, specifically from a tourism and visitor economy prospective.

Myself and other Alliance Board members hope that you will find the short briefing note, and the check list for businesses it contains, useful.  Whether you do or do not, it is then entirely up to you as to whether you distribute the note to your own local partners.  The paper can be accessed at:


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