Destination Management Survey

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Colleagues at TEAM Tourism have been talking to me about a study they are undertaking for a destination client designed to assess the current state of Destination Management in England and differing approaches to it (my simplistic interpretation, not necessarily theirs or the clients).

The aggregated findings, which will not include individual destination data, is pretty much the sort of thing that we have been regularly been asked for of late by members and strategic partners, principally to assist with local and national  lobbying activity targeted toward the retention of destination management and management services.

I have agreed to help circulate and encourage participation on the basis that it is information that is urgently need and that will have much wider utility across the UK.  In return TEAM Tourism and the client will share the aggregate, group data and findings with any of you that participate and critically, from my point of view at least, with British Destinations.

The recently launched survey consists of c 27 relatively simple questions and although targeted at England, I think there would be mutual benefit if destinations from other home nations also took part:

Please feel free to ask questions before participation of me or contact  Carmel Dennis at TEAM Tourism directly on  07946425958 or


Please do share your thoughts and comments

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