DRAFT Tourism EU Exit Strategy paper

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The Tourism Alliance is in the early stages of drafting a Tourism EU Exit Strategy paper which is designed to inform UK Government of the key tourism industry concerns and key request relating to BREXIT that the Tourism Alliance membership would wish to see being considered and acted upon during the process of the UK’s exit from the EU.

The draft, with initial comment track from two organisation already included (mine in red track changes), can be accessed here: Draft Tourism Exit Strategy (21 July 2016) CTrev (2) .

I need to check with the British Destination members:

  • whether you feel the broad thrust of the paper is correct
  • take any broad comments on the individual headline issue already included
  • and/or take comment on any suggested key BREXIT issues not yet included
  • and finally give any of you who wish to the opportunity to make suggested detail amendments the text.

Any comments should be sent to me, preferably as tracked changes on a copy of the document.

The Tourism Alliance is a broad church consisting of all the main tourism trade associations and the paper reflects that broad church view.  Any comments you make will be put to the Tourism Alliance, but, just as I can’t guarantee my own comments tracked in red will be accepted, neither can I guarantee that any you make will get through to the final draft.  First draft changes are required more or less by return for discussion at preliminary meeting next week; however, the final version of the paper isn’t due for publication and use until the end of August, so you do have some time to comment.


Please do share your thoughts and comments

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