Migrant workers in tourism and the impacts of Brexit

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We have just received via the Tourism Alliance a short 8 page paper the impact of potential labour restriction on migrant workers in the hospitality and tourism industries following Brexit. Published by People 1st and therefore specifically related to England, it still almost certainly has some relevance to the situation in other Home Nations.

It is short enough to be easily and quickly read in full, but if you are pushed for time the key, “so what”, messages can be found on page 8.  Certainly in England at least, it’s a report that you might also consider circulating to local business partners for their information.

On this occasion the immediate audiences are probably the UK Government from a Westminster lobbying prospective and individual businesses from an operational and business planning prospective. We can get on with the lobbying with our strategic national partners, whilst you help generate business awareness.  The implications for you and for holistic destination management are ones that we can best follow-up jointly a little later, once we start to get a clear sense of Government’s proposed direction on both the status of current migrant workers and on the future policy on migration for the purposes of work:



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