Select Committee Inquiry Rural Tourism

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The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee are holding an inquiry into rural tourism in England. The terms of the inquiry and copies of our written evidence and that submitted by the Tourism Alliance can be seen at:

The Committee will now consider all the written evidence submitted by the 6 September deadline and then call for further verbal evidence on selected matters from the written evidence and from Government, its agencies and others in response.  At some point a report on the Committee’s findings with recommendations will then be published.

Westminster Government through Defra as the committee’s sponsor department is then duty bound to reply within 60 days but not necessarily duty bound to act upon any or all of the recommendations made.  Nonetheless, Select Committees can be influential; informing both the Government of the day’s view’s and in helping shaping opposition party opinion and future thoughts on whatever issues have been taken to the committee in evidence and/or on which they have then subsequently chosen to report.


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