PPL small residential hotels and guest houses tariffs

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PPL have now published their response to the consultation on proposed changes to public performance licence tariffs.  As I am afraid anticipated they are proposing to go ahead more or less as outlined in the consultation document; the consultation being part of a statutory process that they must adhere to that included previous engagement with the hotel industries own trade body BHA and others.

The only substantive changes are that: hotels of between 16 and 25 bedrooms will remain in the small hotels category for a further 12 months from January 2017 before moving up into the standard tariff category and the introduction of surcharges (new penalties for none compliance with existing and new PPL licencing) will also be deferred for a year.

My reading of this is that whilst hotels and guest houses with 3 or fewer rooms will now fall outside the licensing provision, those with 4 or more up to 25 rooms are now likely to have to start paying where they have not paid before and/or pay more where they have previously paid PPL.  PPL is of course separate to PRS (Performing Rights Society) fees which are also likely to be payable wherever PPL is applicable.

The original consultation, our submission and their response can all be found under the consultation menu tab or go directly to the page at:


This may not be mainstream business for all of you; nonetheless you might still like to: ensure local accommodation trade bodies are aware of: 1. the consultation response and therefore the implications for small residential hotel and guest house in your destination and 2. the fact that you, through your membership of British Destinations you have been representing their interests nationally on this matter of importance to them.



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