New report on DMOs added to the research and statistics library

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An excellent report entitled The tourism landscape – DMO 2016 has been added to the British Destinations research and statistics library.

The study conducted by TEAM Tourism Consulting compares and contrasts the information provided by 39 DMOs who voluntarily completed a detailed online survey.  It contains some really useful facts and figure for anyone thinking about the national DMO’s architecture or pondering issues around individual DMO structures and performance (including their own?).

The summary at pages 1 to 4 is worth reading regardless of your direct interest in the subject whilst there are lots of really useful detail elsewhere in the reports for those who have a more direct interest in how differing DMOs operate and perform in different circumstances.  At only 19 page in total  it not a difficult or overly time consuming read:

Or see it and the full library of 100 plus reports at:


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