More national level research available to members

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1. We have added three new reports to the extensive British Destinations’ research and statistics library (as two items).  All three have some wider UK utility and can be accessed at:

Trains – The gateway to beyond London? (2016).

Discover England: summary insights on overseas visitors to England’s regions and Addressing market opportunities (2016).

2. We have also added the VisitBritain Quarterly trends update (August 2016) and a number of Foresight reports to the VisitBritain page within the protected member’s area.  These had been missed due to the VB/VE reorganization late last year and a change to the frequency that the reports are produced and the manner in which they are now promoted. (which we now understand).

3. Foresight is no longer a monthly publication and the simple comprehensive listing of all the past reports within the VB website was lost in a redesign. However, you can still access Foresight edition 120 October 2013 through to the most recently published edition 146,  How the world view Britain’s food at: .  Members email me if you have forgotten the login.

4. Also newly added: edition 145 (Jan 16) Leveraging our culture Brazil, China and Italy, 144 (Dec 15) Britain’s welcome to overseas visitors and 143 (Nov 15) How the world views Britain – 2015.


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